LEARN UX  |  JULY 15, 2018

UX Design Scholarships

Looking to getting into UX Design? As the tech industry grows, so does the demand for User Experience Designers. If you want to get into the field while it’s hot, here are a few opportunities worth checking out. 

InVision - Design Forward Fund

Would you consider yourself a game-changer in the design industry? If you answered yes, then you need to check out InVision’s Design Forward Fund. The company known for its badass prototyping tools has pledged $5 million dollars in grants and investments to support people in the Design and Web Technology fields. 


BrainStation Scholarship

BrainStation specializes in digital training with focus on areas such as Data, Product, Development, Marketing and Design. 
The company offers over $1 million dollars in scholarships with the goal of empowering people who want to succeed in design and tech. 

The scholarship is currently available for women in development, employees of non-profit organizations, tech entrepreneurs and university students. 

If you match the criteria, learn more about the scholarship at Brainstation.com


Skills Fund

Skills Fund is dedicated to offering students funding for a wide variety of bootcamps and educational courses. They provide amazing loan rates for students and scholarships/discounts to quality educational institutions.  

Whether you chooses to study at one of the partner academies across the USA or in the comfort of your own home, Skill Fund is a great option to get started immediately. 

Aside from UX Design scholarships, you’ll find plenty of learning opportunities in other areas including Coding, Cybersecurity, Data Science and Game Development.


Bloc’s Close the Gap Scholarship (women only)

With the goal of getting more women into the tech industry, Bloc has pledged $1 million dollars in scholarships and tuition reduction. To apply, simply fill out this online form where you explain why you want to be in Tech. 


A few more options...

If you already have a course or degree in mind, be sure to check out Scholarships.com and Internationalscholarships.com
These sites offer billions of dollars in scholarships to schools located all over the world.

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